Belarusian Linux

Short guide in setting up Belarusian language support in Linux console, X Window System, web-browsers, text editors, etc.
Belarusian dictionary for the ispell spell-checker.
Latest stable release of the package to set up Belarusian language support on Linux. Includes
CVS Tree
Web interface to the CVS source of the package. Anonymous CVS access is also available at You can use CVS access if you want to check out only few files from the project instead of downloading the whole tarball.
Keyboard layout
The most widely used belarusian keyboard layout.
Test page
Future plans.

Useful Links
Home page of console-tools-cyrillic by Vitus Wagner. Cyrillic fonts and application character maps for console. Fonts and maps that are needed for setting Belarusian in console are included in the previous archive.
Home page of Cyrillic and Euro fonts for X11 by Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov. His fonts are exact copies of standard XFree86 fonts with cyrillic glyphs added. Fonts are available in koi8-1, koi8-ru, windows-1251, iso-8859-5, mac-cyrillic, koi8-ub, ibm-cp866, bulgarian-mik, iso10646-0400, winlatin-1, iso-8859-15 encodings.
Tool for switching keymaps in X Window System. xruskb.

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