I'm Aleksey Cheusov and this is my home page.

My open source projects

Dictionary protocol client for Emacs editor (the best dictionary client in a world ;-) ).
PkgSrc package is available.
Dictionary protocol server for UNIX-like operating systems (I maintain this project since 2002).
PkgSrc package is available. Command line client is also packaged.
Distributed fault tolerant bulk build tool for pkgsrc , PkgSrc package is available.
High performance C++ STL-like associative array .
Small but powerfull tool for distributing tasks over cluster of multiple CPUs or machines in a network.
PkgSrc package is available.
Small Wrapper for AWK interpreter that implements modules system and other features.
mk-configure is a lightweight replacement for GNU autotools written in and for bmake (portable version of NetBSD make).
PkgSrc package is available.
lmdbg is a lightweight modular malloc debugger for UNIX-like systems.
PkgSrc package is available.
A list of POSIX/UNIX shell functions for running pipes and obtaining exit codes of ALL programs in it.
PkgSrc package is available.
Tiny script latinica implementing this specification.
I'm one of hundreds of pkgsrc-wip developers.

Other useful links

Pkgsrc is a portable packaging system for UNIX-like OSes originally developped by NetBSD team.
DICT development group .
dict.mova.org:2628 runs a dictionary protocol server (RFC-2229).
    WWW frontend for dict://dict.mova.org.
    Offline dictionaries (in DICT format) for download (plain text, utf-8).
Dynamically updated list of DICT servers.
Really great site about AWK programming language.

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