Belarusian Linux
Notes on setting up Belarusian language support in Linux. Also available as a HOWTO, distributed through the Linux Documentation Project and its mirrors all over the world
Belarusian Corpus
TEI-lite versions of belarusian electronic texts forming a Belarusian Corpus. All the texts are provided by the Belarusian Bookshelf.
jabber server
A public jabber server with AIM/ICQ transport, user directory and multi-user conferencing is available at jabber://
A collection of dictionaries served over the dictd protocol.
Belarusian Win32 software
Some goodies for Microsoft Windows users. Not supported, but still useful for those who did not switch over to GNU/Linux yet.
Spell 'Belarus' correctly
Spelling of the name of Belarus in different languages in utf-8 encoding. Versions in PostScript, PDF, JPEG and PNG are also available. Postscript version is strongly recommended for high-quality printing.
Back up your spelling with facts
Frequency distribution of different spellings of the word 'Belarusian' over Google, Altavista and Yahoo from March, 2001 till May, 2001. Gnulplot sources, data files and a Perl script which collects the data can be found here.
Belarusian Desktop Backgrounds
A couple of Belarus-related desktop backgrounds. Contributions are welcome.
i18n at
A mailing list for developers of i18n and l10n solutions for Belarusian language in (free) software.
dicts-announce at
Announcements for new dict dictionaries that appear at
dicts at
Discussion list for dict dictionaries developers from
Misc links
A few links related to belarusian language.
Info about the Maintainer

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