Tiny Win32 program that resides in tray area and converts the text in the clipboard to/form kirylica, lacinka and transliteration.
MS Word 97/2000 macro that converts the text from kirylica to lacinka.
UniRed text editor with belarusian intreface and belarusian spell-chacker.
stand-alone ispell executable and belarusian spell-checking dictionary.
Belarusian-Russian dictionary by A.Bulyka in the format of ABBYY Lingvo 6.0.
Belarusian skin for Winamp and XMMS.
Belarusian interface for FAR file manager, version 1.63
Belarusian-Russian and Russian-Belarusian dictionary from "Vieras".
Belarusian spell-checker for Arachnophilia HTML editor.

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